Tie-Dye Event Ticket! Bucket Hat
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T-Shirt: Tie-Dye Kit!-0
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Tie-Dye Event Ticket! Bucket Hat
Tie-Dye Event Ticket! Bucket Hat
Inkcourage LLC

Tie-Dye Event Ticket! Bucket Hat

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Tie-Dye Event!
June 17th 11-3pm

Bucket Hat Tickets!

Come join us in-store for our first-ever tie-dye event!

A fun activity for the summer and make your t-shirt one of a kind! 

About the event:

1. Pre-order your T-Shirts and Hats online
2. Come to Inkcourage Royal Oak Saturday, June 17th, 11-3pm
3. Select what style of tie-dye you like
4. Ange our instructor will show you how to dye your projects
5. Choose from 20+ colors and tie-dye your own shirt
6. Take your shirt or hat home (in a zip lock bag) and reveal it in 24 hours

Extra Info: Our owner Ange was a former youth craft instructor and our tie dye kits were sold in Altar'd State! We'll have everything you need to tie dye at the event! Adult and youth gloves will be available! We'll remind you before the event!

Want to tie dye extra projects?

Bring any white items (100% cottton works best!) and tie dye any extra items with a $5 in-person donation to The Trevor Project.

Very limited youth phrases and styles will be available at the event! Order by May 31st to make sure you get the style and phrase you want! Youth, Toddler and Bucket hats available too!

Adult and youth t-shirts are available as well!