Our Story  

Inkcourage started out with one person’s desire to help another. Our founder, Ange, was driving one day thinking about how her friend was going through a tough time. She didn’t really know what to do or what to say, she just wanted her friend to know she was there for her every step of the way. Two months later, Inkcourage was launched with 30 encouraging temporary tattoos and phrases. She knew if her friend could wear this encouraging tattoo, she would know that someone cared for her and she could get through this tough time. Since then, Ange has traveled all across Metro-Detroit and the Midwest sharing Inkcourage. Six years later (to the date), Ange opened up the first Inkcourage store in Royal Oak with the goal of encouraging people every day.

Sometimes we lose courage & forget that we're invincible.

We have infinite potential. 

Everyone is awesome.
Everyone has the power to be invincible.

Words have power.

We have the ability to tell people they're amazing or to tell them they suck. We all know what it feels like to hear positive and negative words from people. We believe words are powerful and words can make us invincible.

We are better together.

We believe we weren't meant to do life alone. We often doubt ourselves and our capabilities on a daily basis. Sometimes we lose courage and need others to remind us how amazing we are.